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Our favorite Metro Park in Columbus, Ohio: Blendon Woods

If you have kids, are just a kid at heart, or an adult who appreciates natural beauty, you need to visit Blendon Woods Metro Park in Columbus, Ohio. It is a beautiful metro park of 653-acres with a natural play area, multiple playgrounds and picnic areas, hiking, a waterfowl refuge, a nature center, disc golf, and even ice-skating. We also recently enjoyed the fall colors nature drive that took us on a journey to see the most beautiful colors throughout the park. They frequently have seasonal activities such as the fall color drive, butterfly release, etc. to enjoy with your family. Check out all the current events at the metro parks here:

Our kids fell in love with the natural play area the first time we went and we have returned countless times for FREE endless family fun in nature. When you drive in, turn right at the fork and follow the signs to the Natural Play Area, which is your 2nd left. At the beginning of the nature hike there is a fun climbing structure with ropes, beams, and a tire swing. Head down into the woods for a fun zipline, natural wood balance beams, 3 rope swings, a wooden teepee fort, tetherball in the woods, natural seesaw, adorable wooden tic tac toe, natural wooden train to climb on, and two areas to play in the creek!

Check out this video of one of the 3 epic rope swings, definitely Hudson's favorite part!

Don't miss the nature center with fun activities for the kids, bird watching, and live creatures to say hello to. We also enjoyed the story walk behind the nature center where you can read a story along the nature hike to a little lake. Many of the metro parks in Columbus have story walks and my kids always love to run ahead to the next part of the story on the trail. Such a fun way to combine reading and hiking in nature.

My kids LOVE to play in the water and catch frogs or fish at the creek, so bring a net and water clothes if your kids love the water too.

Blendon Woods Metro Park is our idea of a perfect family adventure in nature. Make a trip to Columbus to check it out and please reach out if you have any questions! Have you been to Blendon Woods? If so, what is your favorite part?

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